We use clothing as a tool and visual platform to express the melodramatic street aesthetic of Berlin in its various eccentric facets. Our ready-to-wear collections are influenced by the powerful spirit of youth cultures and SPORTS.

Everything  is handmade in Our Atelier in Kreuzberg-BERLIN, which ensures and confirms high quality standards at all time. We want to create something that comes from pure conviction. REbellion is what drives US. Against the ordinary,  against common rules and perceptions.


Me Grewing up in Mladost 4, a suburb of Sofia, Bulgaria.


Spent most of the time playing soccer, on the squares between the gray prefabricated buildings. The street romance of the neighborhood’s improvised asphalt soccer fields left a formative mark on my early childhood.

The sportswear from the Bazaar, which I encountered on my daily way to school, fascinated me from day 1. The type of sport didn’t matter, I always found the interplay between functionality and the graphic prints exciting and impressive.

Moved to Berlin in 2016 to study fashion design. A dirty city, at the same time such a beautiful place. The incredible freedom you can feel and live out here. Its a city for togetherness, querness. somewhere you can find and forget yourself – all at the same time. i started the brand after graduating fashion design school in berlin 2020

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